JJGRANT , founded by J.Grant In 2015 is an unorthodox brand based out of  New York that boldly challenges the concept of love and human existence. The central themes of the brand is love , empathy and thoughtfulness towards self and others .

Designed from a narrative perspective, J.GRANT uses three characters to boldly express their inner feelings , insecurities and uncertainties surrounding
the concept of love.
J.Grant born and raised in the Bronx NY had no formal training specific to fashion design; Grant constantly reminds those around her that "this is not a fashion brand we are here to tell a story ... we are here to paint a picture on garments ". The garments have become pages for this brand , a love series that can be worn on your sleeves . Valuing the importance of quality JJGRANT take pride is providing the best comfort wear and illustrations to assist in telling this Fairy Tale love story that is missing its HAPPILY EVER AFTER